Why Not?

Posted by: Garet Kreutziger


Hello all. Every time I come back to this blog I can’t help but notice there has been a common trend. What a year we’ve been having! Top of the league, 14 games to go, and we really do seem to have found a groove with even more room for improvement.  There are so many things going our way at the moment and yet, I still see so much doubt throughout the Gooner family.  Ye of little faith!  For this piece I’m going to run through a few of the reasons “why we can’t win the league” this year, apparently, and smack those theories down.

1. Manchester City are just scoring too many goals.

-       Big fucking deal. City can score 1,000,000 goals this season for all I care. Hell, they can even set a record for most goals scored and have it never be broken. They’re still in second place. They’re still doing whatever they can to keep a decent run at the top of the table.  The amount of goals scored doesn’t win you the league, consistency does.  We’re a team that (knock on wood) is the best example of consistency in the Premier League.  We win the games we’re supposed to and keep clean sheets in the process.  The lads fight for each other and they fight for the fans watching them.  Let Manchester City keep scoring their goals, we’ll keep collecting our points and keep them beneath us in the table.

2.  But “Special” Jose gives Chelsea the mental edge

-       Jose can shove it.  He’s afraid of the Arsenal.  It’s evident in the way he put his team out against us versus how he put his team out against City.  They did everything they could not to lose at the Emirates and good on em, they didn’t. But it was 19th century football if you ask me, which doesn’t even make sense because 19th century football had more strikers then defenders and they would go for goals all game!  Sit down, shut up Jose.  Mourinho knows Arsène is capable of taking this team all the way, and he’s doing whatever he can to pile on the pressure.   Let him talk, I say. Let him tell the world how he believes we’re title favorites.  The Arsenal will continue to prove to him why.  Cunt. Sorry.

3.  Our upcoming fixtures are just too demanding.

-       Ok, we get it. Our upcoming fixtures are tough.  So what?!  This is the type of stuff our boys live for!  This is what gets them out of bed every morning to train.  They play the game to compete against the big clubs.  Nobody wants to play against teams like Fulham, Stoke, Palace, and Spurs every weekend.  That’d just be miserable!  Mesut Ozil himself said that they’re ready.  So why shouldn’t we be ready to support?  I see every game as winnable.  We’re playing beautiful, harmonious football at the moment.  Football that other teams dream of being able to play.  Victoria Concordia Crescit.

4.  Stupid Wenger you didn’t buy a striker now we’ll never win the league, we lack the quality!!! WAH WAH WAH BLAH WAH ARRGHHH #WENGEROUT

-       Dammit, shame on you. Shame!!!!! Do we lack depth? Yes, I won’t ignore the fact that we’re thin at certain positions due to injuries.  Is it the end of the world? NO!  And to all you who say Giroud isn’t the “world-class” striker who is supposed to take us to the top of the league (where we’re already at and been there longer than anyone else in England), he’s scored more goals and has more assists than any player on Chelsea.  Who apparently is just chalked full of world-class talent.  Go ahead and check if you don’t believe me.  SO JUST QUIT IT PIERS MORGAN YOU TWAT, NOBODY LIKES YOU AND YOUR SHOW IS SHIT.  Sorry, I digress.  I saw a stat this week, cant confirm the exact number, but it said that Arsenal has the most goal scorers in England.  Importance?  Everyone is contributing to the cause.  Importance?  We HAVE the quality, even when someone is down injured.  This team is full of grit.  They will fight, push on, and grind out 3 points together.  Adversity forces greatness, you either succumb to the pressure of the moment or you rise above it.  Our whole season has been riddled with adversity, so why not continue to push through and believe we can achieve greatness?


Some of you can look at this and say “shove it Garet, what do you know?” and then go on telling me/everyone why we can’t do this or that.  I’ll just continue to stand here and say “why not?”  Oh to be a Gooner.




- Garet



Oh, and do enjoy this video. They always seem to make me so emotional….  (Props to Paul)

A New Arsenal.