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Happy (?) Monday Gooners,

Well that’s that! Another Premier League season in the books and I must say, it was pretty nice sitting back on the couch with a cup of coffee and just enjoying these last couple of matches knowing that Champions League football was wrapped up and we didn’t have to worry too much about the result.  It was a nice change for once on the final day of the season, and my heart appreciated the lack of stress.  I loved that after the match everyone was talking about how they are looking towards the World Cup in a few weeks or the start of next season in August, but we get to look forward to the CUP FINAL in 5 days!  Cup Final week is always one filled with excitement, nerves, and anxiety.  I can probably already assume this will be one of my least productive weeks in all things not Arsenal (which really just means at work) as a majority of my thoughts will be towards the events occurring at Wembley.  Who’s our starting XI going to be? Will Szcz be our keeper? Will we have any Sagna news prior to the final? Who knows!

Here’s my XI for Saturday: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla, Podolski, Ozil, Giroud

There’s been a lot of talk about Fabianski “deserving” to play in the final as he was the one who took us to the final with some wonderful performances.  He was man of the match in two of those matches if you ask me.  But when it comes to the final I don’t think there is any room for sentiment.  Fabianksi is a great keeper, but there is an obvious reason why Szczesny is the one playing in every Premier League match as well as the Champions League.  Wenger sees him as the better option.   As for Sagna, I think he starts.  He’s obviously our best right back and provides stability to our back line.  I don’t really care if he is off after this season and don’t think that him leaving will affect his performance.  Regardless of what he’s commented on Instagram or what he’s said in interviews, its obvious to me that he is 100% focused on bringing silverware to the Emirates.  This celebration doesn’t lie.   He’s been a loyal servant to the club for 7 years, honored his contracts, and could have left when everyone else did.  And the fact that he ONLY refers to Tottenham as “the enemy” will always reserve a special place in my heart for Bac.  Oh, and he’s married to an angel.

I found something today that opened my eyes to this season that a lot of people are saying is a disappointment due to the fact that  we finished 4th after being top for 124 days…

The Premier League season is a nine-month marathon in which each team record hundreds of attempts on goal and face hundreds of shots from opponents.  Surely over the course of 38 games there will be a clear distinction between sides?  Arsenal, who finished fourth in the table, are considered to have fallen short of becoming champions, yet imagine these four events had happened: Joe Hart had not made a brilliant save with his heel from Lukas Podolski at the Emirates; Mesut Ozil and Olivier Giroud had shot inches lower instead of hitting the bar against Southampton and Everton, respectively; and the ball had not ricocheted into the goal freakishly off Mathieu Flamini against Swansea City.  The incidents were split-second drops in the ocean across a season, yet had they gone Arsenal’s way, the Londoners would have been champions, two points clear of the rest, and Wenger hailed as a master.

Now, take that as you will, because Liverpool and Chelsea could say the same thing, but it just goes to show you that we really aren’t “miles” away like people say, just inches.

Anyways, Off to Wembley! COME ON YOU GUNNERS!



Until next time,