The Season of Getting and No Longer Giving (Unless we want to)

Posted by: Garet Kreutziger


Hell everyone! Feels good to be writing again as the new season quickly approaches. Thank goodness for the World Cup over the summer because I don’t know how I would have gone on without any football over these long summer months without the Arsenal.  Hope you’re well and from an Arsenal point of view you all should be!  We’ve done some very tidy business during this transfer window and I’ll be honest, it feels nice waking up and not having to nervously check for Arsenal news about us selling someone.  It’s nice hearing the boss say that the days of us as a “selling club” are behind us, and with our financial resources we can officially challenge with the rest of the clubs in the world for top talent.  I must say, it feels a lot better knowing that this is something that we’ve accomplished on our own and didn’t have some sugar daddy with ties to Putin come in and pollute our club and it’s traditions.

Anyhow, I thought I would take a minute to do a little write up on each of the players we’ve brought in and how I see them fitting into the team this season and for the years to come…

David Ospina:

I must admit that I did not know much about the Colombian prior to this years World Cup, but as that tournament progressed he emerged as one of the tournament’s top talents between the sticks and having a player of his caliber in the side can really only benefit the club.  Fabianski was great, but he really only came on as a player to push Szczesny half way through last season when he made a string of solid performances after the boss dropped Szczesny to try and find some form again.  I see Ospina, who apparently had an 80 some odd percent save rate in France, really challenging for that number one spot.  I like that Wenger is open to him playing there as well saying, “If he plays better then he will start”.  Competition brings the best out of players and it seems that our two first team keepers are really going to force the best out of each other.  Great signing.

Mathieu Debuchy:

Mathieu Debuchy was one that we all kind of saw coming.  With the imminent departure of Bac we knew that we would need someone of close to or equal quality to come in and do the job.  I’ve always rated Debuchy and thought that he didn’t get enough credit for the work he did at Newcastle.  He was often left on an island as most Newcastle players stop giving a shit halfway through the season and he suffered from that.  I thought he had a solid World Cup and it was nice to see that he was preferred to Sagna in almost every match at right back.  I saw a stat sheet comparing the two players and it was nice to see that Debuchy, although it was close, out performed Sagna in all but one key defensive area (which I believe was headed clearances).  Great signing as it was a necessity and Wenger wasted no time getting it done.  Also an important note, Debuchy’s wife is named Ludivine. So that should hopefully be a painless transition…

Calum Chambers:

I’ve heard of the lad before and new he was another top talent from the Southampton academy.  We really should just splash the cash and sign up their youth scouts. I love seeing the quotes from Wenger about how after he saw Chambers play against us he knew he was going to sign him.  I don’t have too much to say about Chambers other than I really do think that £16 million could look like a bargain after a couple of years.  I can see him really developing into a top talent after watching him perform at the center of defense last weekend in the Emirates Cup.  He’ll apparently be getting 20 something games this season according to reports and if he can emulate his calm-cool-collected performances from last weekend throughout the season then he will be a great player for us. Not just one for the future, but one for this season as well.

Joel Campbell:

I for one am very excited that Campbell will be a part of Arsene’s plans for the season to come.  He’s a very fun player to watch.  He’s good with the ball at his feet, fancies a shot from distance, and seems to want to be at Arsenal more than anything.  Not sure if he’ll be a player that starts regularly when everyone is fit, but he absolutely has the quality to be a player that comes off the bench and bangs in a goal at Stamford Bridge.  That’s the kind of role I see for Campbell, the game changer.  He’ll get some starts in cup games, against the lower teams in the league for rotation purposes, and possibly in Europe once qualification is done and dusted (knocks on wood).  He brings quality, pace, and depth to Arsenal, something we lacked at stages of the season last year.  Great addition.

Alexis Sanchez:

Boy oh boy, this is exciting.  Alexis Sanchez has set the world on fire the past couple of years, becoming a regular in the Barcelona team and impressing on the highest stages of football.  Wenger threw on that skimpy bathing suit, oiled himself up with some Brazilian coco butter and got us the signing of the summer (again).  Alexis is going to be a player that fits right into this squad and is going to bring us so many things that we’ve lacked, especially since the loss of Walcott to injury.  He brings pace, quality on the ball, clinical finishing, a bit of trickery, and the ability to play just about anywhere in attack.  The thought of having both him and Walcott on the wings is salivating.  He offers match up nightmares to just about any team we face with his ability to play as a center forward or as a wide player.  Of course there will be the “first year of English football” growing pains but I can see him fitting in nicely with this squad and really hitting the ground running. Oh, and the new song for him is brilliant. It’ll be coming to a pub near you in due time.

For a taste of what’s to come, enjoy:

Well that’s that! Wenger has kept the door open for more business to be done before the end of the summer, which I think needs to be taken care of.  We’re a physical holding midfielder and a center back away from having all of the pieces to the puzzle in my opinion.   This summer can’t end soon enough and I can’t wait to get back to the pub and watch this season unfold; it could be one to remember! COME ON ARSENAL!

Doesn’t it feel great knowing that in the past two years we’ve bought Madrid’s number 10 and Barca’s number 9?

Until next time,