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After having some time to watch every FA Cup highlight/parade video/celebration compilation on the Internet it gave me some time to sit and think through the season and I thought it would be cool to note some of my favorite moments from the 2013/14 season.  I’ll keep each one relatively short and sweet and hopefully someone uploaded a clip of it to YouTube so we can all watch it again, and again, and again…

Goal of the Season:

There are quite a few contenders but for me it has to be Jack Wilshere vs Norwich.  The team play is immaculate and each flick goes EXACTLY where it is supposed to end up in the closest of quarters.  The Rosicky goal vs Sunderland was similar but not quite as good.  The improvised back heel flick from Jack as he enters the box is world class, and I’m going to just go with he meant to do it.

Underrated Goal of the Season:

Not sure why, maybe it’s just me, but the Ozil goal vs Napoli doesn’t seem to get enough credit.  The counter attack was swift, the cross from Ramsey was pinpoint, and the goal from Ozil was as good as it gets.  Not to mention it was his first goal for the club.

Moment of the Season:

Is there really any debate here?  Our man Aaron Ramsey’s late winner in the FA Cup final.  He tried and tried all game long to take us over the line to be champions but couldn’t find the back of the net until that magic moment was set up by Giroud’s back heel.  I considered BFG’s header in the semifinal but it just didn’t feel right.  The goal that ended that one trophy drought that nobody ever talked about, or posted a ticker since the last time we won a trophy, or that we constantly weren’t reminded of every moment at the pub.  Yeah, that trophy drought.

Honorable mention: Santi Cazorla’s freekick in the final.  Down 2-0 and looking for a response to give us hope, Santi Cazorla takes the game by the balls and buries our first direct freekick goal of the season.  The stage was set for a magic moment from our little magician and he started the come back.  It was brilliantly worked too, Ramsey runs across the keepers line of sight, Podolski fakes his approach causing the keeper to take a false step. Boom.

Underrated Moment of the Season:

This one comes from the same match.  It’s 2-0 and Hull have another set piece.  The ball floats into the penalty area and Bruce is sending it into the top corner for a 3-0 lead and up comes Kieran Gibbs with the clearance of his life.  If we’re 3-0 down in the first half who knows what happens, but it’s probably safe to assume that it would have been too much to overcome in the time remaining.  Our summer would be looking a lot different that’s for sure.

Curses… no YouTube clip. Just go to Arsenal player and watch the highlights… again!

Favorite Ramsey Moment of the Season:

I figured since Ramsey was the tits this year I would throw down my favorite Ramsey moment of the season.  I still go back and watch the highlights from that home match v Norwich.  We were treated to the goal of the season via Jack Wilshere and company, and we got to watch an absolute clinic put on by Aaron Ramsey.  His goal, which left the whole team on their backs, was almost comical, his assist to Ozil was too easy, but his moment of skill down the touchline was sublime.

Underrated Ramsey moment of the Season:

His goal vs Dortmund.  It was a gritty game that required the entire squad to get stuck in and ended up with us pulling through with a solid result that resulted in Arsenal being the first English club to win at Dortmund.  The goal wasn’t the prettiest we’ve seen but it was the determination that makes it stick out.  The ball was curled in by Ozil, Giroud stretches as much as he can to bring it down, and Ramsey throws his head onto it with the risk of getting his block knocked off by Hummels who takes a full swing at it with his leg.  Also, that goal produced one of the pictures of the season with him and Ozil (see featured image).

Save of the Season:

Lastly, mostly due to the fact that I need to get back to work, I will end this with one of the saves of the season.  Szczesny had a wonderful season and I don’t feel like he gets as much credit as he deserves.  He solidified himself as our outright number one keeper after a season where he was benched due to his inconsistency in goal.  This season was different, he commanded his area and was reliable in just about any circumstance.  There really are too many good saves to choose from; the double save vs Fulham, the save vs Palace, or the saves against Spurs (lol) and West Brom which required him to shift his weight and dive across goal, and lets not forget the reaction save against Campbell vs Cardiff.

Underrated Save of the Season:

Gotta throw this in there, from the Wigan fan’s POV. Thanks for the help Fab, now I hope we bang 5 past you home and away vs Swansea!

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