Oh to be a Gooner

Posted by: Garet Kreutziger


Here we are, Monday morning, and I can’t help but smile. At first I thought it was the 4 Eggo waffles I had this morning but I quickly came to the realization that life is just better the days after a brilliant Arsenal win.  The boys took it to Fulham in the first London Derby of the year, becoming the first London based club to hit the 100 derby win mark (even more proof that we ARE the pride of London, how’s that taste Chavs?).  A 3-1 result saw a Podolski brace and a Giroud goal, which makes it 3 goals in 3 games for the only man who makes me question my sexuality. Apart from solid team play, what makes this result even a bit sweeter was how I felt leaving the pub at 7 am on a Saturday morning. What a solid turn out we had for a 4:45 AM kickoff. If you couldn’t make it, you missed out. Plenty of singing, drinking, and banter going around with the OC Gooners. I was buzzing all day about the result, but a lot of that buzz came from the company of my fellow Gooners. Oh to be a gooner.

Now for the week ahead, and what a week it can/will be.  First and foremost, we look to twist the knife in our Champions League qualifier after already shoving a 3 goal away lead into the side of Fenerbahce. Wenger says he isn’t going to rotate the squad much from the weekend (95% of the team that played this weekend will be playing, whatever that means) and I agree with that. One of my coaches told me that in order to show a team respect you pummel them into the ground showing that you take them seriously, and we take the Champions League seriously.  I expect a solid display for the home fans, maybe a 2-0 win, and off to the group stages we go! Oh to be a gooner.

And then, the match that has been circled on every gooner calendar since the moment we saw the fixture list.  The North London Derby.  The scum have squeaked out 6 points from two 1-0 wins (both from PK’s, and the dodgy cunts dove to earn 3 points against Swansea). Needless to say, the side that is “overshadowing” arsenal in the transfer window due to all the “talent” that they have brought in is struggling mightily to even put one in the net during open play. They lack creativity, drive, and chemistry.  I can’t wait to see the boys, all of which who have played in a North London Derby already, to take it to the yids and yet again display our dominance over the small club in our shadow.  This Tottenham squad has players that don’t understand the intensity of what the NLD brings and I expect that to be evident on Sunday.  I also hear that the ring leader of the Yid Army, Mike Dean, is head official for the NLD. Fuck it. They are going to need all the help we can get. 5-2 anyone? OH TO BE A GOONER!!!!

Lastly, and thankfully, it’s the final week of the transfer window.  If you’re like me you’ve completely shut off twitter, don’t take anything on Facebook or ESPN seriously, and just laugh at those who believe anything from the Daily Mail, The Sun, or BBC Sports. However, can’t help but be excited about the people we are linked to… I know, I know. After our 3-0 win away in Turkey rumors sparked up linking the Arsenal to a double swoop of Benzema and di Maria, most notably.  Benzema’s agent came out saying there isn’t a chance of that happening and the Karim is playing for his dream club. Scratch that off the list. But then there is di Maria, who has been “reported” to having a 30 million transfer fee agreed to.  Last week there was a rumor going around saying that Ronaldo went to the Madrid board and said “di Maria isn’t to be sold”.  Who knows how true that is, yet again who knows how true any of this really is! At the end of this summer I don’t anything anymore. What’s my name? Is the world round? If a tree falls in the forest is it heard? Will we sign anyone? I don’t know, and frankly I don’t care. In Arsene We Trust. Oh to be a gooner….

To close, I watched a video of an older gooner giving a lengthy speech to some other gooners on their way to the Fulham match.  He had quite a bit to say, criticizing the board, our manager, our policies, and even giving some advice to our players. Some I agreed with most I took as a man speaking with a belly full of his favorite beer and some pent up frustration. One thing I did agree with wholeheartedly was his last point, that we gooners need to stick together and quit fighting with each other.  When we are walking down the road and see someone else wearing the arsenal red and white we give them a nod or a wink and we know that this person believes in what I believe in.  We stick together, through thick and thin, and stand behind the club and its players with our arms in the air and the Arsenal in our hearts. This week has potential to be a phenomenal week for the Arsenal. We can wrap up qualifying for the Champions League, lock down some potential signings, and win the North London Derby, but a few things can also go against us.  That is when we need to stick together and remember why we are really here, for the Arsenal.  And remember… You are my Arsenal, my only Arsenal, you make me happy when skies are grey. You’ll never know just how much I love you. So please don’t take my Arsenal away.
Oh to be a gooner.



Garet Kreutziger

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