Gooner on the Road coming to Orange County

Posted by: Jeremy Chasey

Gooner on the Road

So we’re less than a month away before Peter Anderson comes to the LA/OC area as he traverses the world on his quest to watch every Arsenal game with a local Arsenal supporters group. From the start of his journey, Peter has already made some decent miles behind him starting in Europe, then to the United States, before he ultimately ends up in Thailand. If you don’t know who I’m referring to that’s alright.


Peter Anderson is none other than Gooner on the Road and despite his travels and adventures so far, the real meaning behind Peter’s trip is something that you should understand, which is ultimately, his trip is to raise money for cancer research. In the early part of this year, Peter’s mother was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, a rare form of cancer that is difficult to treat with common methods. Unfortunately, his mother passed away this February and in combination of losing his job, Peter decided that it was time for a new challenge.  While sitting in the Woodbine pub, an idea was formed to travel the world to watch every Arsenal match with local supporters groups and try and raise £10,000 pounds for the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation.


With a lot of planning, selling and nervousness, Peter started his trip on August 17th in London where Arsenal played Aston Villa and, from there, has traveled to a new city every week visiting Gooners around the world talking about his cause and his adventures. From London to Berlin, from Montreal to Austin, Peter is slowly making his way to Orange County where he will join us on November 10th at the Olde Ship in Santa Ana, where Arsenal will play at Old Trafford against Manchester United.


Even though we’ve slowly been planning for his arrival, there is still much work to be done. But through the course of some very generous Gooners around Southern California and Arsenal America, the pieces are starting to come together to have a crowd worthy enough to welcome Peter to Southern California. It’s our (OC Gooners) intent to ensure that Peter has a warm welcome and accommodations while he visits us, even if it’s a couch or a spare bed. While working with Los Angeles and San Diego Gooners, we hope to have a massive turn out and charity raffle after the match, in which all proceeds will go to Peter’s charity to fund Triple Negative Breast cancer research.  If you’re in the area, please come out and join us for the match, the raffle and, hopefully, some pints.


If you’d like to donate to Peter’s charity directly, please go to for more information, or go directly to his Paypal account here. We will be taking donations during the match and through the charity raffle if you’d like to participate that way. We should have some pretty descent goodies courtesy of  The Sportspage Soccer Warehouse in Fountain Valley, Arsenal America and other Arsenal America branches.


Here is the information:

Sunday, November 10th @ 8AM

The Olde Ship

1120 W 17th St

Santa Ana

(714) 550-6700



Twitter: @ocgooners


Hope to see you in there! COYG!

Jeremy Chasey
Orange County Gooners – Branch Manager