Back At It Again

Posted by: Garet Kreutziger


 Been a while since I’ve been around here Gooners, and for that I apologize.  Life has been crazy lately between getting married, moving the wife in, and working… but enough of that it’s time for the Arsenal.  Life has been good as of late for us Gooners.  We’ve went something like 12 games unbeaten, we’ve been playing absolutely sexy football, and we’re top of the league (and top of our Champion’s League group)!  Oh to be a Gooner.  And for all my OC Gooners, how good does it feel to give out the “we are top of the league” song in the face of the other supporters at the pub? Brilliant.

Back to last weekend against Norwich,  an excellent turnout at the pub, excellent atmosphere between the lot of us, excellent performance by our Arsenal, and how about those goals… my goodness.  We were given a real treat that day with the 4 goals, and they weren’t just any goals, they were absolutely brilliant goals!  Jack Wilshere’s goal may be one of the best team goals ever scored in the premier league, Ozil’s headed goal was the first of his career, Ramsey’s goal was something out of a video game, and Ozil’s second goal was just another excellent piece of teamwork.  I won’t touch too much on all of the goals but I cannot ignore the Jack Wilshere goal.  I’ve watched the replay probably close to 200 times already (not exaggerating) and it just gets more and more beautiful every time.  A few things that I didn’t notice right away that I want to make sure are brought to light… 1. Olivier Giroud’s team play is brilliant (and my god he’s incredibly handsome) 2. Jack’s movement and the speed of the ball being pinged around was so excellent that everyone thought he was offside, even Sagna, who didn’t even celebrate when the ball went in.  His first instinct was to look towards the official and just wait for him to raise his flag.  3.  If you haven’t heard the sound clip of the crowd at the Emirates watching the replay on the big screen at the stadium I suggest you find it. It’s quiet with scattered applause and then the crowd see Giroud and Wilshere work together and there’s a subtle “ooooooooh.”. Brilliant.  What a game.

Now for Dortmund…

Sure we lost… and it hurt.  Felt like a real kick in the teeth too because I honestly thought we’d get the winner before the end of the game.  Dortmund did to us what they do best; they took on pressure, survived, and hit us with a patented Dortmund counter attack.  Still top of our group, still another home game against the bottom team in our pool, and still a chance for sweet revenge in Germany.  I took to twitter after the game to see what other Gooners were saying and it was ridiculously negative (surprise surprise).  How quickly we forget our amazing performance in Germany last year against the best team in Europe!  I don’t have much to say on this topic other than how I have 100% confidence in this squad not only claiming three points on the road but also coming out on top of our Champion’s League group.

Losing isn’t always such a bad thing… now before you crucify me allow me to explain.  We’ve been on a brilliant run of form and our boys have been upping their game to levels we didn’t think some of our players could ever play, but maybe our confidence was getting too high.  Maybe it’s good to know that we need to improve and hone our skills on the training ground a bit more.  We have an excellent mixture or experience and youth and that loss will be good for nothing more than a reality check and to help us to continue moving forward.  One thing is for certain however, I feel sorry for Crystal Palace.  Excellent chance for 3 points this weekend while we laugh at the rest of the league.


Onward and upward Gooners,

Garet Kreutziger


  • hoosh93

    Excellent piece Garet! The Dortmund match could have gone either way, and we were unlucky not to have gotten three points. It will surely result in a focused squad for the rest of our Champions League matches.