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Posted by: Garet Kreutziger


Hello everyone, back again. There always seems to be a certain way I open this column… Been a while since I’ve been here. For that I do apologize, since I know I have so many devout subscribers who hang on to the edge of their seats waiting for another piece. And to those fans, I am sorry. But worry not for I am back! I really am going to try and make a regular thing out of this now that life is settled. You know, marriage, moving, a new job, and all that fun stuff. But you don’t care! Or maybe you do. Anyways, on to the Arsenal!

I’m not going to touch on everything I’ve missed since the last piece because let’s be honest, that’d be close to a dissertation and nobody quite has the time to read about 20 pages of my blabbering so I’ll pick up from last week until this moment with just a few thoughts and we’ll leave it at that until next time, which should be next week. Hopefully.

Seems to me that the lads have gotten their swagger back. With Ramsey and Ozil back in the team you really can see how much we’ve missed them.   Especially Giroud, he seems like a new striker now that he has players willing to run beyond him.  They add that extra bit of class that can turn nothing into something, which really was our problem when we were without them.  People would become frustrated watching us play saying that we “lacked invention” or “we look static”.  It’s true, don’t get me wrong, but it’s due to the fact that we were without every player that provides that bit of magic to break down a defense.  Now that we are able to field a balanced squad of awesomeness and stability life seems to be back on track for our Arsenal.  And how good has Lukas Podolski been?  Sure he has his flaws, as do most footballers, but give the happy German a sniff of the goal and he’ll either force a save or bang it into the back of the net.  Some people are creating stories about Lukas being out of Arsenal in the summer. I really hope not.  Not only does he bring experience and skillz to the table, but he seems to be a great person to have in the team room.  I don’t think that he’s the guy that starts for us on the left if we want to win the league, but he is the guy that we can start against the lower sides/bring on in the later stages of the game and know he’ll get us a scoring chance or two.  And most likely, he’ll take it.

A lot of Gooners are frustrated at the moment because of where our season has ended up, the all-important battle for 4th.  As annoying as it is year after year, especially after being top for 120+ days, I do see this as a step forward.  I don’t want to try and find a consolation prize in not winning the league but I can be proud of our efforts until injuries completely derailed our season.  The amount of bad luck we had just simply can’t be made up.  The losses of Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, Walcott, Kos, Diaby (I know), and so on hurt. And it hurt badly. Speaking of which, it’s nice to see Diaby and his surely bionic leg back in action.  Did anyone else see those scars?  I can’t help but think that Diaby is like Will Smith in I, Robot with his bionic limbs.  I wonder if Diaby has a deep seeded hatred for robot house maids? Sorry.  Rather than looking at this as a “season that was” why not look at it as a “season that still is”?  With 4th in our hands, which I fully expect us to wrap up now that we are playing some good ole Arsenal football, and the FA Cup on the horizon I still think that this year can be a success.  If you would have told me after we lost to Villa at home on the first day of the year that we would sign Mesut Ozil, finish in the top 4, sign a record kit deal, beat Spuds 3 times without conceding a goal and win the FA Cup I would have called insane.  Maybe even something worse than insane!

There’s a lot of uncertainty and speculation about the boss, players, transfers, and so on but let’s leave that for May 18th shall we?  There’s still so much to look forward to in these next couple of weeks, which essentially is what you want right?  Something to play for until the end of the season.

Oh and all those mugs who mock us for celebrating after beating Wigan and making it to the FA Cup final, fuck off.  And Piers Morgan, you can fuck off too.



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